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Become a Vendor Application

Interested in becoming a vendor at the authentic Otago Farmers Market?

Then we want to hear from you.

We are an Authentic Farmers Market. 

You may be wondering, “What is an authentic farmers market”?

  • It is first and foremost a food market, also including plants, both edible and ornamental

  • All vendors are the growers or producers of their product (they cannot on-sell produce or products from someone or somewhere else)

  • For the most part, our vendors come from a geographically defined area, in our case the glorious and bountiful wider Otago province 


FRESH LOCAL PRODUCE, eggs, plants, flowers, nuts, meat, oils, dairy, dairy, fish, baked, preserved, ready to eat brunch and lunch goodies, coffee, wine, craft beer, artisan products, all innovative and tasty!

Still interested and eligible?

  • Fantastic!

  • Please have a good read of the Terms and Conditions and Information for Vendors. These will really help inform you on the finer points of becoming a vendor and help you put together a comprehensive application for the Trust to consider. Photos are a wonderful addition to your application as are samples, where applicable, for the Trust to try.

  • You will need to comply with national and local food safety standards. The Dunedin City Council is a great place to start with investigating what this means for your business. Also check out the Ministry of Primary Industries website. You will need to have a food license, or in the process before applying.

  • The Market Manager is available to advise you about your application, space availability and any other queries you might have. The Market on Saturday morning is a good time to catch up with the Market Manager, but feel free to ring or email through the week (office hours are Wed – Fri).  

  • We highly recommend you visit the Market first, to see what we already have to avoid duplication.


  • Submit an online application to the Market Manager. The Market Manager may follow up with a phone call to flesh your application out further but please take the time initially to do your business or idea proud. Ideally your application should arrive the week before (by midday on a Thursday pre the Trust's monthly meeting which is usually the 3rd Tuesday of the month).  

  • The OFMT will discuss your application in light of suitability, space availability, current offerings, and general fit with the market. They meet the third Tuesday of every month to do this.

  • The Market Manager will get back to you the same week as the meeting to let you know the outcome or for further information.

  • If accepted, you will need to allow up to an hour for a face-to-face induction in the Dunedin office with the GM Market Manager. All food safety certifications will need to be finalised or in process by this point.

  • During this induction Health and Safety will be covered. This includes your site set up and meeting the criteria of our Health and Safety Policy.

  • Begin trading!


Is your application to sell food items

NB: We are an authentic farmers market so we can only sell food related products only.

Terms and Conditions + Code of Conduct

We require 4 weeks’ notice if you wish to leave the Market & we conduct an Exit Review. 

Health and Safety Policy

I have read all the documents below:

Contact Details
Please select what type of stall you require (multi-tick options but please choose at least one)
Product Information
Please select from the below on products you intend to sell at the market. All items must be either grown or produced by you. Products from within Otago will be given preference.
Other Information

NB: All ready-to-eat & food production are required to be registered with your local council & operate from a commercial kitchen. Preference is given to registered businesses with the Dunedin City Council Environmental Team.

For new food innovations please discuss with the Market Manager for more information. We encourage food innovation!

Application Fee $50 (non-refundable)

ON APPROVAL, before trading commences, the application fee will neeed to be paid in full.

All vendors will be required to hold public liability insurance on commencement of operating at the Market.

* I agree to the terms and conditions as outlined above (including terms of agreement, code of conduct & our health & safety policy) & details provided are true & correct.