Seasonality Calendar

Seasonality Calendar

We are truly blessed to live in Otago as our province punches above its weight in terms of what can be grown and produced here.

However, it is true to say that we don't grow everything all the time! And being further south with a colder climate, typically our seasons start later than the rest of the country. We have a diverse region that includes Central Otago, which reaches freezing temperatures in winter and is very hot in summer.  

Below you will see what is currently in season at the Market. We do have to put a small disclaimer in here though: growing food relies on sunshine hours, warmth and water. The weather can have a huge impact on the timing of when produce arrives at the Market. So while we endeavor to be accurate with our seasonality calendars, we aren't able to guarantee supply.

For the gardeners out there, the colour blue denotes when you can buy seedlings from the Market and plant them to grow your own.

Red is when we expect the produce type to be at the Market and green when not.